do some things get me down?

obey sample saleof course. i am human.

i may appear upbeat on the outside. a lot. in public. even while flying my chopper above hollywood.

but when black people get murdered and white ppl dont even have to spend a full day in jail over it, it depresses me.

what am i supposed to tell my kids?

son, life sucks and then your murderer doesn’t die?

or even charged?

im sorta glad i dont have kids. i wouldnt know what to say. ever. i would try but im pretty sure i would say the wrong things. i always say the wrong things. i would say maybe as black folk we should all have guns.

maybe as black folk we should have our own NRA. and we should go door to door arming black people and registering them to vote.

when i was a kid i went door to door selling candy. did that candy do any good for anyone? nope.

but heres what would happen if black folk went door to door showing people how easy it would be for them to go to a Black Gun Show and getting their guns:

there would be widespread, life changing, life saving gun control laws.

the actual NRA’s head would explode, but maybe black people would stop getting murdered and their killers would stop getting away with it.

sounds drastic. doesnt sound like anything Jesus would do. but at this point, i really don’t know what Jesus would do.

He would pray. He would tell people that when they die they go to Heaven. but what about all of their family who aren’t yet in Heaven? what about all the people who see that when you kill black people you hardly ever pay the price for it?

i have a lot of ideas. i dont like this one. i dont like guns. i dont like fighting fire with fire. i dont even like fighting. but the thing i dont like the most is innocent people dying and guilty people getting away with it.