we’re all gonna die so i went with the flow

harry carayi dont usually do x rides that early in the evening because theres a good chance the consultants have yet to leave the building

but i have no patience any more and i just turned it on and got this movie producer from the international over to this steak house in beverly hills.

turned out we knew some of the same people. small world.

uber has this thing where it will hook you up with a new ride sometimes before youre finished with the ride you’re still doing, which is what happened

dropped off the producer picked up this quiet businessman who lived in the val.

encino i said and i said it in a happy way, like hey just going with the flow is working out. long trip and we end up somewhere i hardly ever am.

first waze said take the 405, but you know who takes the 405 at 7pm on a monday? sucker MCs.

i aint no sucker MC and neither is my passenger so we took Sepulveda and wound over and to the side of the 405 and it was smooth sailing.

climbed up the hill and boom i was good. figured id be like tom petty and just take ventura blvd back to hollywood but id turn on the Select Only and see if i got lucky. called my mom to ask her what she thought about Jimmy Kimmel being the host of the show and before i knew it i was getting a Select ping.

picked up a beautiful Puerto Rican music exec at a restaurant in Encino. she comes out with two suitcases and friends. suitcases? down here in the Val? to the airport?

to the airport.

and it was so nice. 405 south, sucker MCs, but we were a carpool going the right way. carpool lane was empty. maybe 400 cars all going south, all solo. so weird. we talked about Cuba and JLo and Pitbull.

Uber is the best invention ever, she said.

and told me about how she was in a rush at the Miami airport and just said fuckit and got a cab and it was hot and she had her french bulldog with her and she asked the cab if he could turn on the AC

and he said, i dont turn on the air for


i gasped.

she said, that’s my baby!

i said, i know.

and i knew.