I went to the Obey Sample on Saturday and all I got was this great shirt

and that great shirt and that one and that one and a sweatshirts and sweaters and a free hat because i donated some toys for the kids.

originally i tried to drive down there on Friday after work but when i was in Culver City i took a closer look at the Friends and Family invite I got from a long time busblog reader, THANKS G! and i saw that on Friday the pre-sale was over at 7pm. so i figured id wake up early in the morn and swoop

didnt get to bed until late (dont ask) didnt wake up till 9. Got to Irvine around 10 and look at this giant line. (no pun intended). thank god i had that pass, they let me cut through and i was in.

they give you a sticker that tells you when you gotta get the hell out and on the floor i saw that someone was there at 7am, and i assume that meant lots of people were there at 7am which made me feel good that the kids still know where the cool shit is and how to get it at discount prices.

speaking of, you know i got that Waste Youth shirt. duh.

they had some great designs but weirdly even at 10am sooooooo much was gone. lesson: take off on Friday so you can beat the 7am line.

ladies, the women’s selections have grown over the years. this year they had tons of dresses. i may have gotten a shirt or two for a Christmas gift.

because im old and fat i no longer get Mediums or even Larges. I bust for the top shelf XL. which sadly there werent tons of at 10am. but i got a few sweet ones that i’ll show you one day.

almost got a bag but remembered im not in skool no more.

they call flannels “wovens” now. they call windbreakers “Coaches Jackets” and man were the coaches jackets all the rage.

there was a taco truck outside. a DJ inside. and rows and rows of your wardrobe just waiting to get boughten.

hats too. scarves too. wallets too.

the checkout line wasnt so bad because they were limiting the number of people in the warehouse. i only did $175 of damage. i had a spare friends and family invite so i gave it to this sweet mexican couple and i said this will let you cut the line and they lit up “really?!” and i said don’t thank me, thank Obama. and we did.