drove a guy from beverly hills to newport beach yesterday

we had our work company party yesterday at BOA steakhouse and when it was over they let us go home early which is always nice.

but instead of going home i started Ubering and the first ping i got was on Uber Select and it was a mental health doctor who wanted to go to Newport Beach which was almost 2 hours away.

it was gonna cost him about $175 and i would keep about $135 of it. thats the good news, the bad news was the traffic would be brutal and he didnt wanna talk that much. but when we did talk it was great.

first thing i asked him was if he thought Kanye was crazy. he said he grew up with Texas hip hop and reeled off a half dozen names, said he saw the Watch the Throne concert at Yankee Stadium which was Kanye vs Jay Z. and he said yes Kanye was probably a little sick and could def use help. but he also said that massive creativity edges insanity.

crazy people are just hyper sensitive to the things around them, the doc said. it was nice.

i told him about a girlfriend i had who was probably bipolar and how much i loved her but there wasnt anything i could do about it. he said there isnt anything people can do. we can recommend things like diet and exercise but if they dont want therapy on their own, they’re not going to trust anyone.

this doc was against meds. he thought meditation and hypnotherapy does wonders. he said theres a theory that 85% of our consciousness is subconscious and we can tap into it, but only if we can numb the conscious and the best way to do that is to hypnotize it, not in a magic trick way but in a temporary clinical way. he said he had done it and it was fantastic. he said so much of the unproductive things in the sub conscious are learned and can be unlearned and lead us to clarity.

then he asked me what i did when i wasnt driving.

i said i fight crime.

he said, yeah but what do you do for fun?

i said, social media for the academy. and we talked about targeted facebook ads.

but then we got back to craziness. he said he has offices all over the country and he said ppl on the East Coast are waaaaay crazier than those on the West. i asked is that bc our weed is better out here? he said, a little!

but he also said the weather can psychologically fake you out. he said imagine you live in Boston and 10% of the year you literally cannot get out and do things, after a while you’ll start believing that 10% of the things in your life are impossible to overcome.

meanwhile in California theres never a day where you cant go out there and go for it. because of that people out here think theres nothing they cant do. and that positive outlook bleeds into other aspects of their lives.

also he says families can make you crazy because its so ingrained. he said people back east who never move away from their families get rooted down and stymied. whereas if you are on the west coast away from your past you can reinvent yourself or — be your own kind of crazy, which is way healthier.

he took my business card because he wanted to talk more about social media.

and i was all, take two, i might be bipolar too :)