im not like them, i cant pretend

it was raining, but it was surging so i said fuckit and drove after work

we’re all gonna die anyways.

got this rich businessman coming out of a beverly hills hotel.

we were talking about this mixer he just came outta.

i says, so you guys buy companies

he goes, invest, buy, sell, real estate too.

i go whats your game plan for weed?

he says oh we’ve got a couple companies into it. big time.

i go, ok heres my question. i heard these dispensaries cant put their money in the bank because its federally against the law and banks have to answer to the feds.

he goes yeah.

i go, ok you said you also do real estate. so if a dispensary has lets say $10 million, can they buy a damn mansion through you, rent it out for a little while, then flip it?

he says no because even if you buy a house with cash, which you can do, the seller has to put that cash in a bank and youve gotta explain where you got anything over $10k.

so i say so what do you do with the weed money from those companies you own

he says we buy old cop cars and make them look as close to cop cars as possible and we use those to transport the cash to the safe house.

then he tells me how much weed is selling for in pounds, then he converted it down to the gram.

i asked are you a math wiz?

he said, no, ive always been interested in weed.

then he asks me, ask me how many grams are in a pound?

i go, how many grams are in a pound.

and he goes 453.6

we approached a gate he said drive over to the box.

we roll slowly, he rolls down his window, he punches in a code into the box

the gate slides open, and we drive up

and up

and up.