im trying to write a comic book

but i dont read comic books

i really want it to be a little book for tourists and locals.

i want it to be a series of little books

$6.66 each


but i want them to tell the dark history of LA and Hollywood and California and rock music and film

and murduhhhhhhhhhh

and attempted murder

and i want them sold where the drama took place

so lets say i write a little book about the murder of Biggie Smalls, i want the little books to be sold at the Peterson Auto Museum, who will never sell them, so how about at the 99 cents store kitty corner to where he breathed his last breath.

i want them illustrated by my favorite illustrator of all time. someone who enjoys putting a smile on misery and tragedy and gunk.

so that part is all easy. the hard part is writing it. but fortunately these will be Mostly True which means i get to fluff it up a bit and add some color to it which hopefully people will like but you know people, they like to complain, so let them complain, all it will do is make them bring more facts to the conversation, which is great, because thats what i want them to do. i want them to talk about history and what really caused someone to wanna kill someone in this beautiful city

because i cant imagine that.

even in the middle of the night, when a mouse was in my house and i was freaked out enough by that, and i was washing my dishes trying to make my apartment as mouse-unfriendly as possible, and i heard this knock at my door. and then a huge bang. and then the door get whaled on. i could see it trying to give. someone was trying to get into my place! NOW! BANG! BANG!

even then, as scared as i was, if i had a gun i wouldnt have killed the guy.

instead i just used my magical Shout power and i said NO!

and it scared the guy and made him run away.

which is why im fascinated by what it takes to get people to do more than that.

because that level is foreign to me.

and hopefully always will be.