looks like trump is gonna be our president

which means its curtains for all of us.

last night i finished reading the Bible for the fourth time.

revelations went faster than i expected.

it’s a spectacular way to end a book thats for sure.

but it doesnt really instill a lot of hope to the gentle reader.

this weekend i saw two movies: Star Wars and Passengers.

Star Wars was the best movie i have seen so far this year. Passengers was full of holes.

like America is gonna be after four years of this imbecile and his GOP yes men who literally have no compassion for the world, the environment, womens rights, gay rights, minority rights, immigration, the poor, or any of the things Jesus told us to shepard over.

on top of that we are all going to die in a terrible way.

it’ll be worse than when baseball allowed the designated hitter

or when AIDS was ignored by Reagan

or when Bush read My Pet Goat after hearing about the Twin Towers

im very sad and i dont even know if all the ginger ale and italian food in china could cheer me up.

Star Wars did cheer me up though because it kept it real. it didnt pander.

i will never pander to you. even now in these last days.

i have always loved you and this is the way we should show it to each other.