do i love life? yes.

has it sunk in that the Cubs are the champions of the World? no.

do i love my job? yes

do i love my side hustle? yes.

do i love my president? yes.

do i love the lying fuck replacing him? no.

do i hope he gets removed? no. because his closeted 2nd in command is even worse because he’s secret about his evil.

have i seen a lot of great movies this year? no.

have i kissed a lot of great girls this year? not a lot.

have i had some good times this year? yeah duh. come on man.

do i have a five year plan? yes. i plan to be alive in 5 years.

is there a blogger im in love with? yes.

do i still love my ex gfs? yes.

is there enough room in my heart for all of that love? omg so much room.

do i get enough sleep? no.

is my apartment clean? no.

are my cats happy? yes.

will the cubs repeat? yes.

will they threepeat? yes.

who do i have losing Sunday for the Losers Pool? Arizona

do i believe this story about the Maryland girl and the drug sniffing dogs? i believe everything.

do i believe Trump will release his tax returns? yes.

do i think anyone will care? yes.

do i think anyone in power will care? no.

do i think he will be a good president? i think he will be the worst.

do i think he will grab anyone in the pussy when he’s in office? well now that he knows that thats where some ppl put their weed, probs.

do i think Anything good will come from Trump being president? i think news organizations, newspapers, cable news programs, and magazines will make a yuge comeback because he will do so many outrageous, illegal, immoral, and unbelieveably bad things that we will need several scorecards to keep track of them all. and then he will be booted and Pence will do just as many evil tidings but it will take actual journalism to out them and they will be outted and people will care because Pence does not hold any spell over the American populace because even Joe Sixpack knows Mike Pence is full of shit and does not represent him. and then the newspapers will clean up in aisle gay. and then Cory Booker will rise and poof, before you know it we will have another black president and girls wont have to hide plants in their hoo haws any more and people will be able to pee in whichever bathrooms they want and the ozone will come back and gas prices will lower and we will all have electric cars anyways so there you have it amen.