pretty girl was all, whats with all the pretty girls on your insta

i was like, i have a lot of pretty girls on there?

she was all, yeah, showing off their bellies and theyre young.

i said, you mean on my blog?

she said no, on your instagram, someone else mentioned it too.

i was like, i honestly have no idea what youre talking about. but after i pee we can delve into this deeper. and i peed and came back and we scrolled through

and there was this young lady or that, but not a lot, hardly any actually. which i dont know disappointed her or impressed her that i was not a perv.

i guess im not a perv i joked.

she laughed. for me, for writing. for living. for learning, women are inspirational. educational. always changing never boring. and like in this instance, always there to question your motives.

i have no motives. my only motive is to stay productive and creative and some people get their spark from coffee or sadness or morning becomes eclectic or the economist. for me, on my blog, where there are girls showing their bellies, i have a very simple process that i have been using since day one of the busblog:

i click around on my Feedly or on Reddit or on Twitter and i look for a picture. sometimes i write about the picture, sometimes it’s just the shapes, sometimes it’s how the snake looks, sometimes its how the chin is rendered or the hair and if its interesting it goes in

and then i can go and tell the little story, which hopefully is better than the picture,

but if its not

at least youve got the picture to think about.

but do i think about what other people think about the world famous blahblog?

never ever.

and never will.