1. Thursday, December 29, 2016

    people have been offering me things 

    ways to get out in the public more.

    one nice person wants me to MC his wedding.

    another nice person wants to host a weekly thing where i interview people at his home.

    a podcast of sorts, but it would have a studio audience.

    very flattering, all of this.

    except i have an idea for a disgusting comic book, and i would like to write it first.

    it would be educational, and exactly the thing Schools would love to have:

    modern, funny, real, mostly true.

    except the illustrations and dialogue are going to be of an adult manner.

    this way children will sneak around their house, searching to find the hiding places

    where their parents tucked away these mildly pornographic

    glimpses into the history of the world

    and secretly learn their lil hearts out.