1. Sunday, December 11, 2016

    runway model said she was gonna come over, bake me cookies 

    and ravish my body with all the things

    i said perfecto, see ya at 10.

    at 5 i had to go to a friends party way north east in eagle rock

    but at 730 i had to go way west to see a screening

    of La La Land

    in beverly hills immediately followed by a discussion headed by the stars of the musical, Emma Stone and whatshisname

    by 645 i was surrounded by so many of my friends i decided

    screw that movie, i love these people right here.

    the food was great, beers chillin on ice,

    one thing might lead to another and we may all jump in the pool with our clothes on

    the foam machine might kick on

    someone might roll out the fog machine

    heather might bust with some freestyle ask polly right there under the moonlight

    and i stayed and it was the best choice.

    was pretty sure the runway model wasnt gonna be there when i got home, even though i’d left the key under the welcome mat

    but she left behind some evidence of her being there, namely photographs

    and some articles of clothing,


    its good she left because some times only bad things happen when a man has downed as many coke classics as i had

    and little ham and cheese biscuits

    and homemade cookies

    and cheese.