stand out once in a while

the night started slow, it was cold, it had rained, but there i was driving a french dude and his rich girlfriend from brentwood to hollywood

and they were fighting.

every now and then he’d switch from english to french

but i parlez frances une petite peut


at issue was the fact that he had texted an ex gf something along the lines of “it’s too bad you have a bf or else i would…”

the girl in the car said, “or else what? what would you do?”

he was cornered. he answered the only way he could – by not answering

“zo, you are checking my phone now? voila!” he fired back.

she ignored him. “what would you do? did you tell her you had a girlfriend? how many other exes do you say these things to?”

at some point he successfully changed it to how she didn’t seem pleased with the expensive meal he had just treated her to.

“of course i liked it. i even gave you money because you overspent on me. it was unnecessary,” she said.

we were getting off the freeway and exiting on a long off ramp. as i slowed down to the stop light to fairfax he rolled down his window, which was odd because it was so cold outside and nice and toasty in my ride.

he reached into the breast pocket of his blazer and removed his wallet. then he took out $40 and threw it out the open window!


“i dont need your money, im not with you for your money. i only want you to be happy. you take lobster, i pay for the lobster. you take champaign, i pay. you take a nice dessert, d’accord. i have my own money. i dont need yours.”

we still had 5 more minutes to go to get to the restaurant and i promised myself that if jean marc threw out any more money i was going to run out and collect it. i wasnt driving out in these wet streets for blog material.

but it was nice to have some.

for once.

welcome to 2017, the year we all die

usually at this point i stare at the ceiling trying to figure out what some good resolutions would be

eat better, walk more, give more to the poor, blog more, take better pictures, link more

but in a few weeks russia will have access to everything.

change your passwords? move to canada? repopulate asap with everyone?

the best part is you dont even need to throw away any money on a tombstone or a plot

we are all going to evaporate

like a thief in the light.

we wont even see it coming.

it’ll even be quiet.

just a flash.

st. peter will not ask how many steps you’ve walked.

he’ll wanna know what was in your heart.

was it fear and ignorance and ugliness and shame

or was it love and openness and charity and peace?

it’s pretty simple, he’ll say looking down at his clipboard

withholding for a minute whether he sees your name on the list

and waiting for you to answer.

surprisingly patient considering he has an entire planet to interrogate.