when Deuce Bigelow, male gigolo tells you youre doing it wrong

im a fortunate son. i have never written a bad tweet, been misunderstood, or said anything dumb.

but yesterday, on MLK Day, former SNL guy Rob Schneider used his thumbs in a way that made us realize that he’d be nowhere without Adam Sandler.

Twitter is funny that way. it gives people this false sense of security.

“it’s only 140 characters, as long as i don’t call someone a nigger or a cunt, what could possibly go wrong?”

i think the president elect also gives people this weird boost of confidence.

we see him bumbling and stumbling and stepping into all sorts of landmines, but it never affects him.

he just keeps slouching towards bethlehem

in that stupid hat

with those tiny hands.

people think, if Trump can get away with murder, maybe we all can.

maybe the deflector shields are down for everyone.

no. no. it’s just a big chunk of america who needs to be reminded every 10 years or so

that the GOP are liars and thieves who only care about one thing: how much cash can they grab while on this planet

and while they are currently drunk with power, that idiocy is contageous

thus Rob Schneider figures he could tweet at a man who marched next to Dr. King

back when Deuce was laying deuces in his diaper.

this too will pass.

like a kidney stone.

on a never ending winter night in Memphis.