anna came over, she said she was worried

why do you have Merrick Garland as your Facebook profile pic? she asked.

how did you get in my house? i said in my pajamas holding a dripping flap jack flapper in one hand and a cat in the other.

ive had your key for 15 years busblog!

she looked good. she always does. but im a sucker mc. i try not to let pretty girls to get away with murder but i always give in. it might be my biggest flaw.

i said whats wrong with having merrick garland as my pic?

she said come ON, i love you because you’re way more than politics.

i was all baby the house is on fire the street is on fire.

the fire is on fire!

how am i supposed to talk about the new 2 Chainz joint or even an old one if all my records have melted because my entertainment station is on fire?!?!

she said i was over reacting. and my pancakes were on fire.

the cat leapt out of my hands, scratching me a little.

i said you have it made, youre american youre russian you dont mind peeing on girls in front of fat guys. your taxes are about to go down. but let me tell you something about those taxes of yours: theyre about to catch fire.

and then we made love on my waterbed because it was almost the same as a hot tub because the waterbed was on fire too.

and for that minute i was amazing.