1. Tuesday, January 3, 2017

    im so bored of doing nothing i cant wait to get back to work 

    there are many perks to working at the academy: the water fountains are filled with champagne, we get to walk around in tuxes and gowns all the time,

    but best of all they give us the week of christmas thru new years off for free.

    last year it worked out to two weeks, this year it was about ten days and i did pretty much nothing and it was perfect because now i wanna take on the world.

    i had a little homework to do and here it is 1am and i am 95% finished. and i dont think i will finish it tonight, because thats what sort of weirdo i am. i hate finishing things. i dont want that feeling that it’s over. i hate things being over. i want them to tick tock and dont stop.

    pretty girl came over the other day and wanted to roller skate and i was all baby its raining out there and she said then lets roller skate inside your house.

    which any normal person would say are you crazy super model?

    but just like how i hate finishing things, i super hate turning down a challenge.

    we will roller skate the shit outta my tiny apartment. it does have hipster hardwood.

    speaking of hardwood i need to go on some actual dates.

    i was talking to someone today and i was wondering, am i even any fun any more?

    do i have anything to offer someone?

    what do people do to please each other these days?

    what if i missed the train to where im supposed to be and this bus is heading elsewhere?