1. Tuesday, February 14, 2017

    do i believe in love? 

    of course.

    you dont have to have a boo to be into the magical force that binds us all

    i havent had a girlfriend in a few years for a number of reasons

    most of which i cannot reveal here because nothing in here is true.

    so what happens is every now and then i will get a tap on my window

    or my doorbell will ring a ding ding

    and i will put on my housecoat and flick on the porch light

    and i will see a flowing gown in the distance running away

    and hear a delightful giggle

    and later screeching tires

    i’ll look down on the welcome mat and see a gift box or two

    smelling of perfume and lust.

    inside might be chocolates spiked with molly

    or bananas dipped in butterscotch

    or a nice little bottle of rum

    and two shot glasses that say




    every blue moon one of the courageous ones will stand pat at the door twirling her hair peeping through the peep hole for a sign of light

    and i’ll open the door and invite her in

    one thing will lead to another and there will be dancing

    and laughing

    maybe some merriment

    followed by surprising disappointment.

    a chopper will arrive and swoop her away

    little red Bougainvillea blossoms swirling in the courtyard

    and much later a text begging for a selfie

    which is always obliged.

    so yes i know i get used.

    but thats better than

    a lonely trip to the apple pan.