1. Friday, February 3, 2017

    ive been sick all day 

    i woke up puking

    puked at night too.

    its my throat chamber. a little nose too.

    if i die give everything to the truest.

    give the rest to the ronald mcdonald house.

    i drove past them today as i was coming back from the store.

    ive lived here for so long and ive never donated anything to them.

    hopefully i live long enough to give them some of my fucking kick ass clothes

    and video games

    id give em my baseball cards but do they even know who those old players are?

    i guess thats how you learn.

    tonight i watched two episodes of The Young Pope on HBO. so good. i watched it standing up because i kept having to blow my nose.

    if i die put my body in a canoe on the lagoon at ucsb and have an archer shoot a flaming arrow at it and let it catch fire.

    i used to want my ashes to be spread around wrigley but they have country concerts there now and other bullshit so fuckit.

    isla vista lagoon.

    flaming arrow


    let bands play.


    bring yr own cup.