tell us more about the 80s tony

it’s weird being the old guy in the office

it’s weird being in an office

it’s weird being at the oscars

it’s weird still blogging

it’s weird how wifi works

it’s weird that this can instantly be published around the world

it’s weird to think that some people, who could feed the whole country, don’t.

it’s weird to think

it’s weird how much my new tire costs

it’s weird what kind of car i drive

maybe we shouldn’t even day dream when we’re young

because if you’re doing it right,

nothing ever turns out the way you thought it would.

i torture myself

not with ropes or chains

or high heeled ladies in catsuits

and LED lit ears

spiked boots and gloomy music

in a dungeon

far below the earths surface

as they insult me with lies and fantasys

where i did this or that

and now i must be punished

starting with this

and then that.

sooooo much of this, by the way. so much. omg. like woah.

and then i have to clean up.


you can always tell how easy a man has it by how soft his hands are.

how few calluses, scratches, divots, tears.


the affluent have scars, just not on their hands.

but i dont torture myself that way either.

i listen to news stations and political shows all day

and all night.

waiting for something juicy to come from the droning and speculation

and history.

but it rarely does.

still, i wait.