got into a little tiff with an NPR reporter

he said something stupid like

“public radio would never do to you what cable news just did to you”

referring to Rachel Maddow’s hour the other day where she talked about the two pages from Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns

which didnt turn out to be the Finishing Move that many hoped theyd be.

i replied back, “when was the last time NPR had a scoop?”

he provided a link from a piece from 2015 where they won some silly award for OMG exposing the VA for not following up correctly on WWII soldiers who had been exposed to some chemical as part of a government experiment or some nonsense.

i was all, really, the VA dropped the ball (again), all the kings horses and all the kings latte sipping men of NPR and thats all a guy with 50k twitter followers from NPR can say was the best scoop theyve had in the last few years

that the VA has let down 80 year olds?

to which he said LOL scoops arent everything!

in news, yes they are.

because in news a scoop means you actually know your surroundings, you know whats going to happen next, and you have established yourself in the terrain in such a way that your sources TRUST you enough to tell you and your audience what the hell is happening that NO ONE ELSE knows yet.

my problem with NPR is they’re gutless and reactionary. anyone, once again ANYONE, can put together guests who can chit chat about something After it happens.

if you seriously consider yourself a journalist and if you truly believe that your organization is a news gathering operation, how come every other outlet from fucking TMZ to Deadspin to Gawker (RIP) to the NYT and the WaPo can deliver actually new news but you can’t?

are you even trying? are you even capable? or are you terrified you might be wrong?

we have a limited amounts of heartbeats on this twisted crust and you’re gonna sit back and let someone else do the work?

NPR, please

and when i tweeted, this is why i dont give NPR any money he liked it as if he was being cute but

laziness is never cute.

neither is pissing away great opportunity.