sometimes you say fuckit, im eating pancakes in the street

expectations are everything

when you’re a baby you expect your bottom to be dry and your belly to be full.

if those expectations aren’t met, you cry until things change.

as we grow, we create unique ways to call bullshit.

not all of us are imaginative enough to take a tv tray, a fold up chair, pancakes and syrup

and march out to the street

and eat those damn pancakes in our night pants

but ive seen some things.

i had a girlfriend i loved so much who would call me constantly and just cry and cry.

theres only so much you can do on the telephone.

i had a boss at the xbi who would order me to take him up in chopper one

and just circle LA

id ask him where he wanted to go and he’d just say

find evil.

some nights there was no evil in LA, whattya gonna do.

so he made some.

sometimes life is just being there for someone else. someone you dont fully understand but someone who you either have to be around or want to be around.

but you have no fucking clue whats going on with them.

i say let them eat their pancakes

in the damn street.


it’s a free country.