might have to drive all night tonight

last week i didnt drive because uber was being weird about the money they owed me

so i tried to do lyft premium only but we all know they dont have enough passengers right now for that to be sustainable

so i am a little behind in my affairs thus

i may have to pull an outrageous double shift of work tonight.

i wanna see this pretty girl who says nice things to me but when the rubber hits the road shes nowhere, man

maybe its anxiety. maybe im gross. well, i AM gross. i cant even stand to look at myself some mornings.

other days im all, hey put on some pants, you.

lyft has a deal that if i can do 15 rides tonight they’ll give me $80. thats like getting a $5 tip for every ride. dont you think i would drive all night if i knew everyone was gonna tip me $5?

what will i do with the money? ive got debts somehow! how did that happen?

i know how. you make money and you think that’ll always happen. then it slows down and you arent paying off that plastic the way you used to.

i cant even imagine what id do if i couldnt drive. would i freelance? i never liked freelancing. chasing down money. writing for people who didnt understand you. and omg the stress.

which is why i dont understand this pretty girl. all that every happens when we hang out are sweet things.

i may have even lit a few candles the last time. i may have even turned on the aroma machine. i may have even put on some good music.

men are from mars we think theres logically solutions to all problems. and not having a runway model spin, turn, and walk down your hallway as the cats watch and the shadows dance on the mexican blanket curtains is a problem.

unlike the debts, there are a zillion solutions in LA to this particular dilemma

which is weird because theres two zillion answers to the debt deal in this town,

trust me