why am i so angry

like im really mad, almost all of the time.

the only time im not is when im driving someone on uber or lyft.

how crazy is that?

last night people were cutting me off, making weird turns, not using their blinkers, swerving

coulda sworn i saw a guy making a chinese chicken salad AS HE DROVE

we were near the grove which is a magnet for terrible drivers.

pretty sure that was an indian burial ground at some point.

picked up these kids who worked on a tv show at Television City.

they were talking about how the schedule for the movies that they are screening at the Hollywood Forever cemetery just came out and they were stoked to see Clueless there.

one of the kids was all, how disrespectful, watching a movie on top of a dead body.

other kid goes, and by kid i mean they were in their 20s, we were driving up into the hollywood hills to see a secret comedy show in a mansion.

one of them called the place The Orgy House because of the decor.

so the one kid says to the other, everywhere we go we are stepping on dead bodies, you think current cemeteries are the only place where there are dead people?

there was talk about cavemen, indians, cowboys, mexicans, the poor.

and yeah, we are constantly walking on the past.

tramping them down deeper.

forgetting about them, using them as roads, sidewalks, dirt paths.

what do you think dirt is made of one of them asked indignantly.

dreams, i whispered and sped up the mountain.