1. Sunday, March 19, 2017

    dear tony, crazy question for you 

    let’s say you and i are getting it on.

    it’s casual. sexy texts during the week. i send you a flood of nudes.

    some amazingly not safe for work.

    then i come over. i try on some outfits for you.

    one thing leads to another and we part ways with beautiful smiles and la la la

    whats the quickest way for me to end it all

    and for you to hate me forever?


    runway model

    + + +

    dear runway model,

    this couldn’t be an easier question for me.

    arrange for a meet up on tuesday

    reschedule it on tuesday for saturday

    and on saturday, just hours before the rendezvous,

    cancel it.

    trust me, you’ll never hear from me again.