1. Monday, March 20, 2017

    dear tony, would you ever move to NYC 

    i feel like everyone should live in either NYC, Chicago, SF, or LA.

    of those i feel so lucky to have spent so much time in LA.

    it’s been incredible to watch it change over the last 30 years.

    id consider moving there if i was making hella money.

    my rent here is right where it should be.

    the only trick to renting is to get in low and stay there. hunker down.

    i got so lucky. so many friends. so much love from Above.

    it would take something very special for me to leave this good thing.

    i suppose i could find myself in another good thing, real estate wise.

    i suppose i could find a big bag of weed in the gutter.

    i suppose a super hot girl out of nowhere could tell me on the phone that she thinks im so good looking

    i suppose i could get a dream job.

    all of these things have happened before.

    why would they ever stop happening

    unless i stopped believing.

    so yes i could move to the top

    of the best building of all

    in nyc if i wanted

    but do i wanna

    is a better