1. Friday, March 10, 2017

    drove a guy named mario the other day 

    he told me marriage is a suckers game

    told me he met this woman who turned out was super rich because her dad owned a building in DTLA

    and when he died she got it

    and it brought in $100k a month.

    he said she bought so many shoes they needed their own bedroom. there were purses everywhere. after a while they stopped having sex so he was all, i want a divorce. secretly he was thinking maybe he would get some of this cash because he sure as hell wasnt making $100k a month.

    but in the divorce settlement it turned out that because that money went through a trust, it didn’t count as income for her in divorce court

    indeed in that court it appeared she had zero income,

    so he has to pay her alimony.

    he’s a baker.

    he told me: just go to hookers. it’s cheaper and better sex.