its too bad we’re gonna die from global warming

because the weather tonight was like a summers day.

drove this rich guy from beverly hills to staples to see the red hot chili peppers

windows rolled down he told me he grew up in tel aviv, was in the army

now makes deals.

the whole time he told me about israel and how its the most advanced of any middle eastern country

how it helps anyone who asks for it in the middle east and europe

and, since we were driving down pico with the windows rolled down on international womens day

“theres no better country in the middle east for a woman than israel.”

i said yes, and that is my problem.

he stopped what he was about to say and said

excuse me?!

i said, as a lyft driver, i like countries where half the population isnt allowed to drive.

and he laughed.

which was good because we were late for his dinner meet up before the show and i was

flyin baby.

as instructed.

as would hopefully be tipped generously for cutting up san vicente

and then he told me this

he said:

of all the cities i have visited, and i have lived here for years,

but of all the cities i have been to,

los angeles is the most jewish.

in israel no one asks you why you arent keeping kosher or obeying the sabbath

we observe the holidays because the kids wont be in school,

but here people are serious – of course there are those who arent –

but many more observe the traditions.

me, i don’t care about your religion because all that matters is if you are a good person.

if you are a diamond dealer in manhattan who keeps kosher

but you rip off your customers,

you should not feel proud.

we got to staples on time, dropped him off at the ritz

and remembered uber had settled up with me this morning

so i could drive to echo park

eat two delicious tacos from the best truck

and pick up dinner at the 99 cent store.