the nice thing about the GOP totally melting down

is this is what happens when you put all of your eggs into

old white dude billionaires

lack of experience

fucking liars


greedy whining dipshits

and people who lie about omg loving the bible so much

who btw hate the troops, the elderly, the sick, the poor, minorities, women, the handicapable, and people on healthcare

the side effects are they are sexist racist homophobes who have massive ties to our enemies and lie about it constantly


the nice thing about it is tv ratings for news channels are up, newspaper subscriptions are coming back, and

young people everywhere are seeing first hand that the GOP doesn’t give one fig about anyone other than the very rich, white, anglo saxons

who enjoy staying that way.

how so many of Congress can sign up for a healthcare bill that would drop over 20 million americans from being covered is shocking to me

especially those who consider themselves Christian.

what is Christian about telling a couple that if they want a baby, they need to pay the hospital $45,000?

what is Christian about taking away Meals on Wheels?

what is Christian about doing all of this simply because you have some bizarre political grudge against the previous president who heroically took this nation from the precipice of disaster and saved the auto industry, brought recovery to the economy, and gave millions of people the hope that he promised?

the best part of all of this is young people are seeing exactly the worst side of a party who never had the average american in its thoughts and prayers.