today is international womens day

whats supposed to happen is all the ladies are supposed to go on strike and not buy anything.

even on their day they’re being told what to do.

now i could sit here and make a big long list of all the women who have supported me in one way or another or who gave me a break to go do my thing or who have shown me love in various ways.

but in a way that would be making this about me. it’s not. today is about them.

the women.

who weirdly are the majority of this country and yet they are treated like theyre not.

here’s the thing i dont understand. rape.

i have a niece who in a few years will be at college. hopefully she will choose the university of california, isla vista, which is a little slice of heaven on earth

but just like most universities, 1 out of every 3 women are sexually assaulted there.


rape should have a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in jail. something tells me that might put a dent in terrible situation. maybe add this: if you rape again you get 15 years. rape again, life in prison.

women, the majority, should not have to fear walking down the street.

in america.

the beautiful.

the alleged land of the free.

if theres one gift men, who are in power, could give to our mothers and sisters and daughters and nieces, it would be actual safe streets. is that too hard? if it is then maybe we need to get out of power for a little while.

something tells me if the roles were reversed and instead of  the US Senate having 21 female senators, it had 79… something tells me there would be mandatory minimums with rape convictions, women’s health would not be something we ever debated, and our country would be a lot more civil.

And peaceful

and loving

and caring

and smart.

Sadly men would never allow it.