1. Friday, March 10, 2017

    when the xbi wants your attention, they get it 

    once upon a time i had the most simple life

    and then it got simpler.

    i judge the simplicity of life by two things

    how many keys you have

    and how many things you


    to do every day.

    one reason i left the xbi was because it became a

    have to

    instead of a get to.

    i’ll be honest sometimes this very blog feels like a have to sometimes

    and i know how to get out of that slide easily.

    usually it’s tell the truth more.

    ended up in urgent care bent over that very table there

    theres a window with some venetian blinds to the right

    but theyre a rip off because when you part them

    it’s a view of nothing.

    not nothing nothing, but not what you wanna see when youre looking for something good in the world

    when you need to see something good in the world.

    you know it’s there somewhere and it sure would be nice for it to be right out there past the garbage somewhere