anna knows im a sucker for pictures

woke up hurling this morn

she had left me a few texts

i texted i cant right now

she kept pushing me but it was embarrassing

what man vomits from allergies?

was it the meds i took?

the flonase?

the benadryl?

why was i feeling so miserable?

made a bagel, cleaned the toilet

last night i had cleaned the tub

everything has seemed gross to me.

drank some oj, turned on the tv and then i was back at the toilet letting loose. was this the work of the xbi?

crazy thing happened last week. i was at a mcdonalds taking a leak and when i came out this black dude went into this whole story about how he was stranded. his family was in a car on the side of the road and he was looking for some money to call a tow truck blah di blah blah. who knows the truth these days.

i pretty much always will give someone a buck because the bible says we should.

so i give him a buck and he says aw thanks man. and he tries to shake my hand.

i usually have hand sanitizer in my car, but i was out and i had just washed my hands seconds ago, no way was i gonna shake this dudes hand and have dude germs all over as i drove around the world

so i go, no thanks im good.

and i felt a little bad because im generally a nice guy, but come on, i already gave you a buck.

and murphys law, i get sick a few days later anyways.

as anna says, just shows to go ya, its always something.