Lou Brock has bone cancer

in the early 70s the Cubs made one of the worst trades in all of baseball history.

they unloaded the swift footed outfielder Lou Brock for a donkey and three magic beans.

the donkey ended up hitting about .250 but the magic beans never became of anything

meanwhile Brock broke all of the major league records in stolen bases and eventually turned into a hall of famer.

but to me his greatest achievement was when he invented the Brockabrella, the quirky hat that doubled as an umbrella.

today it was revealed that he has cancer in his bones, reminding us, once again, that life can be cruel and unusual.

while we have world leaders who gas their own people and others who coerce with our enemies to steal elections, some of the best people in the world suffer for no apparent reason at the time of their lives when they should enjoy the riches that they’ve given the world.

so tonight when you’re putting on your Brockabrella for your evening stroll, look up at the stars and ask the Lord to have mercy on speedy number twenty.

the only cardinal who was ever worth a damn.