in the days of chimpanzees

fucked up and took an uber x ping while 6 rides short of the goal

i figured, how far could this ride from the freshman dorm be?

how about brentwood?

good news, it turned out to be three of the sweetest sorority girls ever who were making the half hour trip to get some frozen yogurt for one of their sisters who lost a house election.

apparently the Bigg Chill on olympic is magic.

took a nice jewish lady from a passover party to her moms house by the fox hills mall

then headed to the 10 so i could get back over to sc but made a pit stop at the jack in the box to get a deep fried chicken guacamole bacon sandwich with curly fries and a coke. did i mention i went to the doc this morning for my check up and ive lost like 8 pounds lately.

pretty girl today asked why i never work out.

i said if the xbi knows youre in shape they’ll trick you into working for them.

picked up three rich ladies in culver city, uber select. all moms talking about their kids and what they’ll eat, how they shower, what to do about book bags (pack them for them, sigh)

about 10 years ago they started building houses in these hills above brentwood and across the 405 near bel air. i dont know why they never built any houses there before but for some reason LA never figured it out until recently.

id never been up in there. gated community. way more houses than i expected. close together. huge trees everywhere though. dropped off one of the ladies and the other two talked to each other about food.

one was saying how she and her husband were vegans before having kids and now theyre at the mercy of them. theyve begun eating way too much red meat, she said. one of the kids doesnt like chicken. and fish you gotta be careful about. especially from japan. and shrimp, forget about it. and who can trust tofu?

she wants to get them way more into beans.

i could smell the remaining half of my jack in the box wafting from the trunk.

like a captive, quietly knocking

eat me