life isnt a farm

and it’s not even ours.

we are lucky to be here for the split second we’re here.

and what are we gonna do, whine? not me. fuck whining.

i’m here to make things.

and tell you stories. for example today i drove a fancy stylist from beverly hills to hollywood and then to the airport. he wanted to take a picture of the hollywood sign for his friend.

but he also had to go to the airport all within two hours.

that seems simple enough, but it was rush hour and he actually wanted to get very close to the hollywood sign. and did i mention the airport.

yesterday it took me 20 minutes just to get from the in n out three blocks from LAX to arrivals, i mean departures, thats the ticket. so i was all, dude, i am SO DOWN for challenges. but i really dont want you to miss your flight, so we tried to see how close we could get before getting on the freeway.

we got to hollywood and highland and he said, nah the shot isnt good enough. so i said ok, im sorry. he said, fine. but then i said, wait, the Netflix HQ has a great view of it and its off the Sunset exit of the 101, which is kinda on the way.

and i drove there and i said turn around and he was all, yes! and click

and back on the road and he told me all his secrets and all the dirt on all the people

which was mostly that they are all pretty cool people if you give them some space

and all the dirt on west coast vs east coast fashion

and because it was lyft and not uber i made over $100 and i betcha he tipped me

speaking of, i emailed uber and said, pay me the $80 you owe me and i promise never to drive UberSC again and you will never have to hear me whine

not holding my breath for them to do the right thing, but whatever.

tomorrow im gonna read this screenwriting book all day like college.

my life needs to change drastically.

we are here to make magic

not pout.