drove the nicest lady from beverly hills to hollywood blvd

it gives me hope when i meet the good people.

and i meet them every livelong day.

hope that heaven is possible, hope that peace and love are possible

hope that some of us wont get fooled again by a charlatan who promises great walls and jobs jobs jobs and blah da di blah.

we were able to talk about music and movies and tv and ratings

and getting talent young and letting it go to greener pastures

and growing old and LA vs NY and all the things youd wanna talk about in a 24 minute ride in rush hour.

sometimes its a little sad when the ride is over and you wanna hug them

or exchange phone numbers

or be BFFs forever

but instead you rate them the five stars, turn on the app again and see what there is to see.

i might be too emotional for all of this.

but it does pay the bills.