right before he snapped this picture

this dude told sam jackson

hey, pose how you really feel about this right now.

last night i had to hit the number so i went out to usc to get it done

because creativity is so subjective, it’s nice to have a few elements in life that are

all scoreboard.

so on certain things, like number of trips in three days,

it’s irresistible to have some goals out there.

the goal was 35 in 3 days, which is easy if youre a full time driver

and not so easy if you have a real job and you wanna do it in, say, 10 hours.

went over there on wednesday night, did 22 rides, so i had to do 13 yesterday, nbd, right? but the word has gotten out with uber drivers that if you’re not doing so well, head over to sc on the last day of the bonus and finish the job

so there were waaaay more drivers than kids so after two hours i was not even close to finishing.

and it was windy, and it was weird.

the devil santa ana winds whippin dirt and dust and giant hardened palm fronds itching to scratch a nice car that has no business being there in south central

playing a fools game.

so i thought like a fool, and drove the other way.

it’s true i dont do things like everyone

but very few have the numbers i have.

last night i did my 4,000th lifetime trip to hit the goal.

4.98 driver rating

and i think about that .02


with that same exact

sam jackson face.