1. Tuesday, April 4, 2017

    do i miss frisco? 

    do i miss golden gate park and the bridge and the other bridge and the other bridge and the burritos

    and stepping over homeless dudes with needles still in their arms

    and cold summers and zero rock scenes and no parking

    and cable cars and the n judah and the 26 mission and f market

    and the highest rents in the whole wide world

    and lower haight and upper richmond and barting to the east bay

    and flying into a cloudy soupy grey bump in a log

    and sailing among white caps

    and kissing irish girls and being amazed by marin and the redwoods and sea lions and fair weather niner fans

    and smelling weed everywhere

    and smoking weed everywhere

    and kissing the truest everywhere

    and the dot com startups and the tech bubble start ups

    and the silicon valley start ups who can do everything except

    recreate soul.

    do i miss the asian ppl and the tourists and the mexican kids and the three remaining hippies and the tenderloin and the 500 club and the midtown and the italians and the playgrounds that are all fenced in and the hills and the tall buildings on the hills

    and the way the grass looked blue cuz of the shrooms we ate on divis so we walked and walked

    do i miss the walking or the ugliest beach in all the land or how they said the presidio would not be sold to the highest bidder but to the poor and the non profits and the charities, but alas

    do i miss the sourdough and chinatown and begging a chinese girl on a date for a kiss and when she finally delivers saying meh

    right to her pretty face

    do i miss the street fairs and amoeba and the gay ppl and surprise flowers growing in the weirdest little places

    and victorian after victorian after victorian

    and giant churches and little churches

    and little shops beneath the stairs?


    jk. hella.