the noises outside sound like rain

but theyre not

the sounds inside sound like moans.

but alas.

drove a young lady last night from USC to LAX via Uber X because i was foolishly going for a $100 bonus and i netted $14.

when you go from one side of LA to the other you should get at least $20.

people will happily pay that.

for years they paid that for Super Shuttle, a hapless extended van that requires you zig zag through town picking up other strangers.

but you get tony pierce in a benz across town and tony only gets $14?

i had just washed and vacuumed my ride.

after LAX i thought about getting a snack at Kanpai but i got a ping at the Custom Hotel.

three asian college kids probably from the nearby art school

they were going to Gardena for some Taiwanese Hot Pot.

they spoke foreign languages to each other. laughing. ignoring me.

all while i said to myself, never chase that bonus again, its a fools game. just work on premium rides. you know better. why are you such a sucker?

dropped them off in this super crowded strip mall which i’ll have to go back to because all the asian delicacies seemed delicious. thus the crowds.

got back on the 110 to DTLA when i got a phone call 20 minutes after i had left Gardena.

“my girlfriend left her wallet in your car.”


“it’s pink. can you return it.”

the whole time i was thinking: how do you not know for 20 minutes that you left your pink wallet in the back seat of a car?

“i’ll pay you $20.”

so i turned around.

cursing myself. hating my life. thinking about the Churches Chicken i passed twice.

knowing i wouldnt pass it a third without stopping.