im gonna see U2 today

its the 30th anniversary of the Joshua Tree record.

30 years ago i was dating Michele who loved U2 and we would listen to them all the time.

we went to the concert at the Sports Arena and it was so good i cried more than once.

tonight i will probably cry again even though they’re playing at the cavernous Rose Bowl.

i often think to myself what a lucky life i have had. Michele was my first friend in California and ended up quickly being such an important person in my life.

she turned me on to poetry and environmental issues, she majored in journalism, lived in Malibu and was so into the Cure and U2 and foreign films.

id drive all night to the furthest stretches of Zuma to see her and walk to the beach and sleep in her parents house and talk about everything you could ever imagine. i would be such a different person, and i doubt a better one, if i hadnt taken the risk and said hi to the pale, red lipsticked girl who had scribbled words on her chuck taylors.

i would love to be going to this show tonight with her.