theres one reason i have a license plate that says xbi

it’s because once xbi always xbi

and at the xbi we knew everything

which means if you lie, we know youre lying.

at first i put it on there when i broke up with the xbi to remind them that they should stop lying to me

but then i left it on there to remind others.

and it’s interesting that even when people know that you know

they still do it.

and on and on

until the break of dawn.

i take so many things personally, but for some reason i dont find it insulting when people lie to me.

i feel sad for them

because theyre clearly in a pattern that they learned way back a long time ago

where they got off the hook, or it bought them a little time or it got people to leave them alone

if they twisted the facts.

and theres a burden when you know all the facts to keep them close to you

when people are wiping their ass with the facts.

to your face.

it makes you wanna get a hat that says xbi.

but that’s too many letters.

so i wear a different one.