yesterday was mothers day

i got my dear momma some lotion and a dozen tulips.

but then i saw a picture of a lot of people at the grocery store huddled around the greeting card aisle.

maybe theres something wrong with me but ive never seen the appeal of a greeting card.

at $5 now, they’re the same price as an entire magazine.

i used to send a subscription of O Magazine to my mom but she said she didn’t like it.

poor O.

anyways, my mom took the train with my sister yesterday to downtown Chicago.

she told me they went to Luxe. she asked me if i ever heard of it.

i told her that there used to be a restaurant called Grand Luxe at the Beverly Center that i took the truest to, but it closed down a few years ago.

she said she wasnt sure if it was grand luxe or not, all she knows is some people were wearing short shorts and crop tops, even though it was 60 degrees.

i refrained from telling her what amber wore the other day when she came over to say hi.

but i guess the difference is it was 69 degrees here that day.

no need for a sweater.

i got a good sleep last night.

ready for a strong week.