what if ive totally lossed my mojo

the pings just arent coming out there in the luxury ride sharing world of your pal tone

today is summer friday so they let us out early but i had to stay an hour late because im dumb

when i finally got on the road things became so bad after a while that i flipped it over to

regular Lyft and got pinged for all these tiny short trips that because they were in UCLA

turned into long ass rides because driving through campus in the day takes forever.

one ride was 1 mile and took 18 minutes.

then i got these norwegians going to the westside pavilion.

i was all, hey didnt you guys have a holiday recently?

they were like, nooooo. i was all, sure you did!

then the hot blonde goes ohhhh the 17th of may? i said yes!

they go oh yeah we went to a festival that day.

how do you forget that?

then i took this dude from the grove to the beverly hilton.

i was all what do you do? hes like stem cells.

i said damn dude, well thanks for saving the world.

then he goes, but i also sell guns.

swear. to. god.