Bill Maher isn’t the only House Nigga

When you think about what the term House Nigga is —

the House Nigger (if we are to OMG keep it real) was the one who didn’t have to work in the fields because he or she tended to the owners of the plantation, kissed their ass, and pretended everything was a-ok.

Shit wasn’t a-ok. The House Nigger’s brothers and sisters (often literally) were being abused, raped, treated as animals and objects, and had to watch as their children were raped and used and sold and abused.

But the House Nigger would fan the Massa and make lemonade and soul food and play the piano and violin and encourage and enable the slave owner to continue its tyranny… all so the House Nigger could avoid the hard work of the fields and enjoy the House food and House comfort.

So I ask you, is everything a-ok today in your world?

And if it is not, what are you doing to let Massa know it’s not A-OK?

The worst answer is: Nothing, I’m smiling and encouraging him as if this is the sunniest day of the year

Even though it’s raining cats

and dogs.

So if we are to get all pissed off about the use of a single word by a white comedian

Perhaps we should consider the entire phrase, which is worse

and tragically so when we consider

that some of us

may be the embodiment of it.