when youre as old as i am, very few things will impress you

also all of my friends are amazing and have accomplished great things

either they were in bands, or are in bands

or theyve created adorable little humanoids who will cure all our ills

or they have big smokin fancy jobs

or they are super talented in amazing ways

or they have hearts of literal gold, which is not as easy as it looks.

so when i go through my day and i learn about things i usually say meh

the simpsons did it first.

when i was at the Times i used to have lunch with Sarah A and sometimes also Ali M in Metromix

and sometimes Ali would say blah blah blah Katie

and i would say Katie who?

and ali would say omg she has the most beautiful hair and shes a great writer, surely you saw her in our office?

and i would said that office is filled with beautiful haired writers

which was an understatement.

well now Katie has done something that will make me remember her forever

tonight she is appearing on the world famous




and i hope she wins a fortune.

and i also hope i can watch it somehow now that ive cut the cord.