ive been to the harvard and yale of the everything

four years here, four years there

taught by the greatest teachers

studied from the best of all books.

sometimes you can hear a lecture and it sticks to you

you can see a picture and its there forever

you can kiss a girl or drink with her

or simply hold her hand and all the truth of the universe will radiate inside you

vibrate your innards

and reveal all you can handle.

almost everything i know i have been shown.

sometimes through visions sometimes through wrongs.

almost always while i was being silent

almost always unexpected.

theres so much good in people because they have gone through some of the same dark and wild woods and met the same dark and wild souls and held the hands of the angels and were spooked by the fear and tempted by the demons

and tested by the testers

and judged by the shadows

and lifted by the winds.

i have seen and done things that even a grown man would call remarkable

yet i still feel like im a teen

who cant believe no one is calling bs on this fake id

so lucky theyre letting it slide

so happy to be invited

but why