had a great night driving last night

started later than normal but heres what i have learned about control: aint no such thing.

driving around fairfax picked up a native american which in canada they call First Nation

she was from canada – outside vancouver.

do you know of Matthew Good? i ask. “yes!” she says excitedly.

then, “is he from vancouver?”

took her to the Hollywood Bowl to see Phoenix. i think she was going alone.

got on the wrong side of the traffic jam so i headed toward Universal Studios. i figured i might get lucky and get someone leaving the park or a businessman hopefully trying to get to LAX from one of those hotels over by there.

sure enough, a ping from a hotel. hot dam! when he waved at me with his shorts and cute girlfriend i thought oh no i hope they arent here to see Phoenix because that traffic was horrible.

they were going to Griffith Observatory! whoooo hoooo.

have you seen La La Land? I ask. the observatory is prominently featured.

yes, the young lady answered scrunching her face in disapproval. but i didnt like it.

got a couple of short rides and a cancellation that Uber didn’t pay me for, so i headed home, but kept the apps on.

then around melrose and la brea get a ping from Sugarfish.

probably a couple heading home after a little sushi meal. fine. whatever. who cares. cubs are world champs.

dude says, 79th street, westchester. bango! ($28)

got home and amber, who is crashing with me while she finds a new pad, had made dinner, got dolled up

and had done all the dishes.

i shoulda played the numbers.