pretty sure soon big businesses are gonna know your every move

your beloved phone rats you out all day

every day

all night.

even if you dont facebook, the GPS tracker is on

even if you dont twitter, your email is tied to a giant company and

that company literally let Bush and then Obama

and now Trump

totally dig their paws through your data.

it’s gotta be a Pandoras Box for someone like the current POTUS

and thats probably why he’s PISSED all the time

that sort of knowledge can do a number to a stable man

imagine if youre unhinged.

today he fired Sean Spencer, the clown prince

he might replace him with Laura Ingram which would be a laugh riot.

all i know is this.

if i was Samsung, and I wanted to take a giant bite out of Apple’s phone sales, i would make a device that wouldn’t rat you out.

id make an email system that’s totally secure.

and i wouldn’t use cell towers to do the communique, id use proxy servers and flubbystones.

people would pay double what theyre paying right now

because to a certain extent, privacy does mean something to some of us

and where theres a demand, there’s a price.