wild mood swings

if libras are one thing we are lovers

if we are two things we are peacemakers and lovers

if we are three things it’s




which is why the xbi is filled with libras.

maybe something happens at 50 though

or maybe it’s the fact that the cubs won the world series and life no longer has meaning

but things have been bothering me recently.

the dumbest things.

the dumbest things in the world.

things that have zero meaning in the universe when it comes right down to it.

and earth to tony: goal posts do move. people change their minds about things.

people are not completely predictable reliable narrators.

and, no, not everyone is transparent.

so what.

yours is the kingdom of heaven.

run away from things of the earth.

fucking meek are gonna inherit this

ignore this.

jesus didnt run around getting pissed off deep down inside about this or that.

there were a few times, sure, in the money changing temple

in that super big crowd for some reason

and right when he was gonna get ratted out.

im sorry, BETRAYED

but for the most part he was chilly chill.

got home today and i wanted to cry.

even though i had the best uber ride with these two mexican kids on their way to the snoop dogg show

west LA to staples on 2.5 surge.

maybe some people cry when theyre happy.

maybe some people can get happy.

me, as they trained us way back when,

i just get hungry.

you know someone respects you

and considers you their friend

if they send you pics of their naked body covered in either



stress rash

sun rash

BDSM bites

and/or panic attacks.

for some reason Mary thinks I’m a doctor.

far as i know her man is a world renowned surgeon, but me she sends her gross pics to.

but i’ll take it because i have nothing better to do than sit in bed with a differnt hot blonde doing gross google searches as the tv flickrs and the cats peek under the closed door and the wind


and the trucks back up outside

beep beep beep beep

called my city representative yesterday.

got his lackey.

actually got the lackey’s assistant.

that dude DID NOT want me to leave a message, but i convinced him to allow it anyways. i left a message.

dude left ME a message the next day which was full of baloney.

one thing i like about Mary is she isn’t full of baloney. at least not to me. which is something that i also consider respectful.

when people feed me bs i consider it this:

Tony, I know you’re not a dummy but i’m hoping on this one topic you are, so heres a ton of malarkey im gonna toss at you.

because you probably are a dummy.

but im not.

i just dont know what causes rashes.

and im secretly trying to find something – anything – else to look at in your nudes.