my cookie has expired

sort of a perfect day

one ride after another, little ones, long ones,

profitable, not worth it

a cancel from an elusive good one.

two teenage you tube stars;

a vegas cocktail waitress heading home after a mid week soiree with a new love;

dude picking up his girlfriend for a romantico italiano dinner on their one year anniversary

another dude who had been hanging at a high price veggie and fruit store

said he goes there on friday nights and drinks coffee

because models shop there.

(which is true)

then two PR peeps who told me about the last time they were actually star struck.

one of the youtube stars had just recorded a song i said is it on apple she was all yes

blushing in the backseat, her bff laughing saying i know all the words

i held my phone and said PLAY SIERRA JUST THIS MOMENT

and it found it and

this girl sang soooo — like she was 30.

this girl was 17.

i said quit school.

she said i wanna learn production.

i said fall in love, and write a song a day like what andy warhol told lou reed

and when you break up write three a day.