such a full weekend omg

ubes had a promotion that i thought i could pull off: 15 rides for $80, so i did 5 on Friday after work, which wasn’t so tough because i was able to start at 1:30pm because they gave us a half day

which meant i had to do 10 on Saturday, which i figured i could do if i started before noon. but who really starts before noon when theres a long legged blonde walking around your bachelor pad?

got out at noon. and murphys law every ride was long except one. which i was fine with because the long rides are more money and the name of the game is money so fuckit. after about 6 hours i had my 10 rides


i had not accepted some so i had to get my acceptance rate up by doing MORE rides but luckily those were around Hollywood. and i was home before the sun went down and i had all that money (about $115, plus the $80 bonus), so i would say it was a successful Saturday.

and i learned a valuable lesson: a day of uber x rides, if you can get the multipliers working for you, are just as profitable as the 3-4 Select rides that rarely turn out to be long hauls. and i am soooo much happier when i am busy. the people are always great. they love me and i love them right back. two people asked for my card because they wanna be friends and i was all ooooooh, im a terrible friend, but whatever.

last night amber and i saw Baby Driver and it was fantastic. ed wright is a genius. and now hes great at car chases too. who knew.

tomorrow AJ and i are seeing Roger Waters at Staples and it should be a spectacle.

today though i am getting reviewed at work.

i never do well in work reviews.

people who have to see me every day, i think i wear on them. i think im too much.

i try so hard though.

i wish people knew.

and i was so great oscars night.

cross your fingers.