super sad dude gets in my uber

im all, why the long face

and he tells me.

people tell me their problems all the time.

only a few times do they ask, whats a guy who can afford a benz doing driving for uber?

but this one dude the other day did.

and i said,

we can all afford a benz.

ours is the Kingdom of Heaven

but we run around all thinking that ours is the Butthole of Poop.

ours aint any such thing.

especially American ours.

we have clean air clean water habitable conditions and we arent fighting a war at home.

sure some of us get shot by cops or gangs or the occassional mass muderer but its not like jets are zooming around above us dropping loads on E Street

we have such a bigger advantage to people in other countries, regardless of who our president is

what color we are

or any of our every day minutia that can drive us crazy.

and i know at times it can feel like a disaster.

words can be said and they trigger you like theyre the meanest words ever

politicians can do things or say things or threaten things

facebook commentors, bad drivers, junk mail from your credit union constantly trying to sell you insurance.

neighbors, sprawl, the blind as bat umpires in the replay office in new york.

or churches who turn on their sprinklers at night, every night, ruining your sweet car wash.

but theres a reason the good book says and i paraphrase fuck the bullshit of this earth

yours is the kingdom of heaven.

some can say its a fake out written by the rich so the huddled masses dont rise up and burn it all down

but thats too easy.

the poor couldnt even read the bible most of the time, and most of That time it was written in Latin.

and secondly point me to the politician or king who ever said,

never mind the here and now

lets instead focus on Paradise.

not even one of the phony Christians in congress would

dare go there.

dude in my uber says, my girlfriend wants it all the time

and i just want to sleep when i get home.

and he starts crying.

and that is what every problem sounds like, probs

to the man upstairs

waiting for you